A downloadable game


Welcome to the olden days of the western sandy fields and foresty forests. You become a cat that helps people without any face expression. Stays composed, and everyone fears him  a bit. 

Help people and be happy


Use your mouse!! :3

Left-click  is used to move around and move objects. And get one or both endings that are in the game.


Game is made for a school project at my school. My classmates did some games too. All by themselves!!! All of the games are so cool. 

Special thanks to my teachers, they played a big part in all of our games. And because of them we started to make awesome games. In the future we hope to be big developers. Wish us luck <3

Install instructions

Install it, it will show an catAdventure.rar Open it, and click on Cat Adventure and afterwards on an exe file. And you have it